Communication Through Music

Communicating through music is very powerful. Most people take their music very seriously, and the lyrics that it contains. By listening to a song over and over it is hard for the message to be misunderstood. When a musician delivers a message it can be heard worldwide. Music is a subject that can bring people who have never seen each other before together, and form a bond that is hard to break. People’s interest in music, and the message it delivers, creates discussions and changes attitudes.
The communication process consists of a message being sent and received. The message may be verbal or non-verbal. Effective communication involves a message being sent and received. “The ecological model of communication through music attempts to provide a platform on which these issues can be explored. It asserts that communication occurs in the intersection of four fundamental constructs: communication between people (creators and consumers) is mediated by messages which are created using language within media; consumed from media and interpreted using language” 
“What about communication through music? Communication through music is a verbal communication. Since songs are made up of well-chosen words or lyrics. The intensity of the message depends on the appropriate melody, and on the way the singer/artist performed the song. In other words, the message of the song depends on how the singer/artist has given life to the song, and at the same time justice to the one who composed it. And every song has its message. The appeal and effectivity of the song to the listener is dependent on the lyrics, melody and the ability of the singer/artist”. The main idea is clear, music is a communication process.