About us

We are working in the field of Communication and Development since 2003. We have a skilled, qualified and creative team of workers. Our main motto is to communicate for development. Our research team, film producers, graphics section, artists, technicians, writers work day and night for more effective and strong campaigns.

OPERA is committed to inform and educate people about Various government schemes, Health & hygiene issues, Better agriculture techniques, Plantation, Enviromental issues, Education, Women empowerment, Social issues, Self help group, Self employment schemes, Family planning, RTI with various indoor and outdoor communication tools. We also provide NGOs and Gov departments a two way communication and feedback of their various projects and efforts through documentries, success stories, photographic and video presentation based on projects.

Govt is running various schemes and projects with the help of NGOs for development but due to lack of information and motivation, results are not always upto the mark. We inform and aware people about these schemes and ensure their participation for better results. Our communication techniques is fully based on researches and requirements. Dry information is not always effective, so we use infotainment (information + entertainment) and edutainment (education + entertainment) methodology for an interesting and result oriented campaigns.